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Empowering Exploitation Survivors

through peer-led services

and survivor-informed policies


​Survivors for Solutions (S4S) was created to advocate for peer-led services and programs, survivor-informed policies at all levels of government, and provide best practices consultation to governments, non-profits and institutions. 


Survivors for Solutions offers over 15 years of experience in advocacy, administration and service delivery to disenfranchised populations including sexual exploitation and violence against women. 


Abolishing all forms of sexual exploitation for all humans through awareness, education, peer counseling and support, demand reduction and incorporating the Survivor voice into public and private policies. 


​Creating a strong sense of Survivorship-internationally, nationally, state-wide and locally is essential developing effective policies and combating human trafficking and all forms of sexual exploitation. 


S4S operates in the spirit of healthy collaboration in the interest of serving a population where competition was fierce. We believe that collaboration is the key to a successful campaign and in the best interest of serving the client population.  

Please contact us via Contact page if you would like to discuss partnering with us.



Survivors for Solutions is looking to add Survivor art, poetry and published works. 

Businesses/Vendors that support Survivors of Exploitation are invited to connect.  Please send an email for more information through the "Contact" page.  Thank you!


  • Survivor Engagement and Development to survivors of exploitation 

  • Informational and Educational presentations and training

  • Best Practices on internal policies and public policy-internationally, nationally, state-wide and locally

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Survivors for Solutions

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